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Hi! My name is Rachel Coleman of Shy Fox Studio.

I am a fluid artist from Chester County, Pennsylvania.

After experiencing trauma and seeking professional help, it was suggested to me that

I practice using the right side of my brain by finding some art projects.

So, I bought holiday decorations and when I painted them, I lost all sense of time, stress, trauma, and anxiety.

My mind got quiet and I was hooked. 

After painting every Christmas decoration I could find, and trying different art projects, I kept coming back to fluid art. 

My biggest inspirations are color, geology, and the elements of nature. 

They are all reflected in my work. 

I have such gratitude for coming out of the dark and finding my passion. 

It is still work but art helps immensely!

My biggest gift is the people I meet and being able to share my art with others. 

Life is good.

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